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Hoptix specializes in profit hacking for multi-unit quick-serve and fast-casual restaurants. Their proprietary AI employee performance technology was designed to collect and analyze operational data points to identify, define, and solve employee performance issues. Their Performance to Profits (P2P) program helps companies increase revenue by using smart video and audio surveillance and gamification. Founded by Ken Bianchi, Hoptix offers operators a way to retrieve additional profit opportunities without compromising the human touch point between employees and customers. Ken’s “culture first” mentality is the backbone of Hoptix and has led to successful partnerships with brands like Taco Bell, KFC and Dairy Queen. Ken began his career in staffing at Adecco, working with fortune 500 companies like Enterprise, Energizer, Deloitte and Panera Bread.  
See below, Ken's journey of collecting and connecting the dots that's put Hoptix as the trailblazer for championing a better culture and experience for  employees, operators, AI into Hospitality and other physical performance based industries. Coaching and training impact using personal analytics

About Founder

Collecting and connecting the dots for decades
Ken Bianchi - CEO & Founder
enhancing human experiences by simplifying life

Collegiate Baseball
Coaching and training impact using personal analytics
Staffing Industry in San Francisco and St. Louis Dot collected
Most profitable companies have lowest turnover, best development, highest customer service and powerful culture
Started OMNI Security
Specializing in sophisticated video surveillance designed for employee productivity.  Started a national dealer program building our own NVR systems.-
Dot Collected : Identified biggest issues of most physical performance based industries came from a lack of measurement and development of employees, and thus low labor efficiency and profitability
Moneyball was exposed to the world
Assembling teams using the smartest individual performance data is what is needed to produce the most desired outcome….Winning/Profits.
MIT Entrepreneurial Masters Program.
Think Big. Think Differently.  Change the World.  Yes. I. Can. Hoptix would do all the hard work and analyze employee performance for businesses, and deliver the most impressive and prescriptive insights ever.
Riley, AI Performance Coach, born
Universal laws when put together make powerful tools that can build faster, stronger, and easier. Sports, Development, Moneyball, Insights, Technology. There are bigger profits available that operators have been unknowingly leaving on the table.
Performance to Profits Program released
Return of Effort and White Glove Service are what makes for an exceptional partner in the Restaurant industry.  Designed our program to maximize profits in 90 days with the lease amount of effort and released a guarantee because….IT’S SO EASY!
Watch critical performance areas of the business increase so quickly and easily alongside your Net Margin%.  The only downside is realizing all the money you’ve been unknowingly leaving on the table until now.
Learn how Hoptix is helping businesses achieve 15% more profit.
Connect with us : hello@hoptix.ai |  866-905-5559 | www.hoptix.ai
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